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The Damini Project

Together, We Can Change Everything.

Welcome to The Damini Project, We are a group of Instructors, Activists, Concerned Community Members, Mothers, Fathers, and Siblings working together to effect a dramatic and permanent shift in the current climate of Rape Culture. Although the project bares the name of one particularly tragic case in India, The Damini Project represents every woman, man, and child that has been or may be sexually assaulted, harassed, or victimized in any way.

The time has come for all of us to find our inner strength, stand up, and have our voices heard, so that we may change the perceptions behind gender inequality, violence, abuse, and objectification that silently oppress so many of our brothers and sisters in the world.

Free Self Defense  and Empowerment Workshops.

The Damini Project is a joint venture of the ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense, Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association and Progressive Self Defense Systems, created to provide Free Self Defense  and Empowerment workshops, seminars, and courses around the world. The Project has one guiding goal:

To put an end to the current Rape Culture attitudes that result in violence against, sexual assault, and victimization of  women, men, and children throughout the globe.

The Damini Project in India.

Currently The Damini Project is active in more than 8 countries including India. In India the Head of The Damini Project is Arun Sharma. Along with his team Arun has conducted more than 70 self defense & safety training workshops totally free of cost across various states of India.

If you want to organise a Free Self Defense Seminar for people who cannot afford the training fees, Please Contact Us through our Contact Us Page or Call Us at 8826-135-888

Photos of Recent Damini Project Seminars by Arun Sharma & His Team

Self Defense Seminar in Slums
The Damini Project Talk
Self Defence Seminar
Hospital Self Defense Seminar