Kali, The deadly weapon oriented combat system from Phillippines. War tested & proven, followed by Military & Law Enforcement Units worldwide.

All fighting ranges are integral parts of the Kali, but special attention is given to closing in to kill in close-quarter combat. Integral to this is a coiled close quarter stance that allows evasion and generation of a powerful strike even in close range. The methodology originates from offensive and counter offensive principles against attacks from all ranges, angles and threat levels. There is less emphasis on purely defensive techniques as this is not seen as an effective survival strategy.

JKD Army

Kali Teaches You :

  • How to fight with/against Edged & Impact Weapons like Knife, Sword, Sticks, Baseball Bat, Iron Rod.
  • How to use improvied weapons like Pen, Mobile Phone, Car Key as your survival tool on street.
  • How to Survive against multiple attackers.
  • How to fight in close areas like Car, Hallway, Lift.

In our Kali training we incorporates 5 main weapon categories

  • Solo – Single stick, sword or spear.
  • Doble – Double stick or sword.
  • Espada y Daga – Sword and Dagger.
  • Daga y Daga – Knife to Knife.
  • Mano y Mano – Hand to Hand.