Our Valuable Clients & Their Testimonials

Military & Law Enforcement Agencies

Professionally competent and tactically qualified instructors from the firm imparted unarmed combat training in almost professional manner. Their conduct and the quality of instruction was commendable. Their discipline, dedication, professionalism and level of interest shown during the entire duration of the course has been of a very high order and is praiseworthy. I convey my best wishes and continued success to the entire team in all their future endeavors.

This is to certify that Arun Sharma along with team has conducted multiple CQC & Ground Fighting Courses at Special Forces Training School. The overall response from the officers who attended the training was positive and it created a great amount of confidence in dealing with close quarter subject encounters and ground fighting techniques. The material covered was outstanding and you made the class extremely enjoyable.

This is to certify that Arun Sharma (Senior Instructor) have proficiently trained the team of 21 Para Special Forces in CQC. We extent our heartiest gratitude and appreciation for the high degree of professionalism and expertise displayed.

“Arun Sharma trained the entire troop of Tazars (Seychelles Special Forces), the training he provided was fantastic & suitable for our on-field operations. It also helped us become more proficient with our personal self defense skills, Me on behalf of my entire team is very thankful to Arun for sharing his skills & friendship with us.”

Corporate Clients

Dear Mr. Arun Sharma, We Would like to convey our appreciation to you for successfully conducting Self Defense & Situational Awareness Workshop for our employees. We would like to acknowledge that the content of the training and it’s execution was to the satisfaction of all the participants. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise displayed in the training provided. It gave all of us a sense of empowerment & safety.

Dear Mr Sharma, On behalf of all my colleagues at Orange Business Services, I am pleased to convey our great appreciation for successfully conducting the self defense workshop for our Women colleagues on March 6, 2014 in our premises. The workshop provided quick practical tips to our colleagues to stay safe and be aware how to prevent or handle any kind of assault. Our heartiest gratitude and appreciation for the professionalism and expertise displayed in the workshop conducted by you and your team.

On behalf of our entire staff & team of doctors, I would like to express our earnest appreciation to Mr.Arun Sharma and his team for conducting a Self Defense workshop for us. All Women who participated in the workshop were delighted and thankful for the activity. The workshop gave them many practical tips and taught them some useful techniques to fight against such assault on them. We would definitely be interested in having more workshops which can make every woman a robust personality to fight back any crime independently rather than begging for their safety.

On behalf of Verint Systems Private Ltd., I would like to truly appreciate Mr. Arun Sharma for conducting a Self Defense Course which provided our employees with the confidence and personal protection skills required to stay safe and alert on streets. According to me the type of training which you provided is a must for everyone, specially people who are traveling late at night after midnight shifts. I wish to acknowledge that the content of the training and its execution was impeccable.

This is to express our appreciation to Arun Sharma for imparting Street Survival Training for your employees. The training methodology and techniques was par excellence. The workshop was conducted with utmost professionalism and received a great feedback. We sincerely thank you for conducting this and boosting the confidence of our employees.

The workshop which you conducted for our employees totally changed the way we looked at personal safety & self defense, The skills you taught are so effective and easy to learn that we feel confident about the fact that we can protect ourselves when required. We are pleased to convey our great appreciation for giving us your valuable time and sharing these life saving skills with us.

Individual Clients

Whilst personal training in India, Delhi last year I wanted to learn something different from my skill set and looked to learn a form of martial arts. I was fortunate enough to come across Arun and was overwhelmed with his knowledge, passion and skill but more importantly his natural abilities as an instructor. With Arun I felt I was learning not just techniques but a whole concept and philosophy too. I would recommend Arun unreservedly and hope to restart with him on my return to India.

What can I say but WOW, he walks on water!!!!!! As a driven and motivated student of the martial arts and combatives for more than forty years I have sought out every willing teacher and master in my reach. One common factor in my research, is that if their students are friendly, open to the exchange of ideas and then throw down with maximum intensity or at the level that student can manage, and then come back as friends stronger for the experience, this is a reflection of the teacher. And so I found it at this school.

As for Arun himself: I have never encountered a person with this level of martial sophistication at this young age in my lifetime. Moreover, his instruction is superlative, his students are excellent, powerful and filled with the joy of self discovery. His expertise even now rivals or best’s that of teachers of many more years. Go to India. Train with this man. I know I will.