PFS (Progressive Fighting Systems)

Sifu Harinder Singh is one of the leading experts in the world on training martial arts and self-defense. This incredible journey has led him to work with the US Navy SEALs, the FBI, DEA, United States Marine Corps, Army Rangers, Police and their special operations teams, SWAT and undercover units, culminating in the The Flag of the US being flown in the honour of PFS and the extraordinary teaching & training technology. Sifu Harinder Singh has trained under Guro Dan Inosanto & Sigun Paul Vunak as one of Highest Ranked Instructors.

Many Government Agencies , MMA Champions, BJJ Blackbelts, etc… and High level individuals in the know, fly out to California to get the highest technology on planet earth. This technology is disseminated by Sifu Singh through his famous Tuesday Night Closed Door Class. The knowledge in this class, until now, has been kept under lock and key. We will be teaching this same high level material each week. This is your opportunity to take any or all of this information and integrate it into your weekly training in our other programmes.

These programs are used by the current, active US Navy SEAL teams, the FBI, DEA, DELTA, CIA, DOD and over 50 police departments across America. Why do these agencies keep requesting these programs so often over the years? Simple…they can turn people into functional athletes in a matter of days. Most of these agencies have very little time to allocate to defensive tactics. Consequently, they come to Sifu Singh because we have streamlined very high-level training methods into a highly effective formulas…the very same formulas we will be teaching you.