R.A.T. is a acronym for Rapid Assault Tactics, this system has been selected by the U.S. Navy SEALs as their choice for hand to hand combat.
“I personally taught this lethal system to India’s Most Elite Counter-Terrorism Force, NSG (National Security Guards)” – Arun Sharma

R.A.T. has also been taught to the most dangerous soldiers and law enforcement people on the planet! Including the Navy SEALs and combat instructors for the DEA, FBI, Army Rangers, major police department SWAT teams and over 50 police departments across the world.

  • This is NOT a traditional martial art system. Traditional lessons are often not realistic fighting. Instead, you will learn the same “simplified” hand-to-hand fighting system that is so treasured by the soldiers, police, and federal agents who rely upon it.
  • Rapid Assault Tactics focuses on the two goals of self-preservation and self-perfection. Practitioners learn to defend themselves against real world attacks, while using their training to develop themselves mentally and spiritually. Designed by a man considered one of the world’s foremost street fighters, Rapid Assault Tactics covers the full spectrum of possible combative scenarios, including unarmed attackers, armed attackers, as well as multiple attackers. Students learn to deal with punches, kicks, throws, takedowns, grappling, and weapons.
  • Rapid Assault Tactics developed out of Jeet Kune Do, the martial path pioneered by the late Bruce Lee. It is a streamlined fighting system, drawing from arts such as BJJ, Boxing, Dumog, Kali, Muay Thai, Pananjakman, Panantukan, Savate and Wing Chun. Beyond physical techniques, Rapid Assault Tactics also incorporates combat training exercises called Stress Innoculation, to get your body and mind used to the crash of adrenaline, fear, and other intense emotions surrounding combative situations. Keeping a cool head in a violent confrontation is the most important skill you could ever learn.