How to Knockout Fear, Stress & Anxiety

Sifu Singh Speech At Pathways World School & Synapse India.

Martial Arts can be used as a vehicle for Self-Discovery, Emotional Control, & To Unlock your hidden Potential.

In this video Sifu Harinder Singh teaches –

1. How to Stop Obsessive Thinking, Worry & Anxiety.
2. How To Enter the “High Performance Zone” by Living in the Present Moment.
3. How To Be Like Water & Adapt To Highly Stressful Situations.
4. How To Connect To Other People & Their Environments.
5. How to Eliminate Fear & Lead by Example.

JKD & Action Strength Demo at Decathlon, Noida

Official Decathlon Website Article on Sifu Singh & JKD India –

Sifu Singh, Arun Sharma & Kirk giving Action Strength Demo at Decathlon, Noida, India.

Sifu Singh, Arun Sharma & Kirk giving Jeet Kune Do & Kali Demo at Decathlon, Noida, India.

Women’s Safety & Empowerment

Women's Safety

The Damini Project – Women’s Safety, Equality & Empowerment.

We are a group of Instructors, Activists, Concerned Community Members, Mothers, Fathers, and Siblings working together to effect a dramatic and permanent shift in the current climate of Rape Culture. The project bares the name of one particularly tragic case in India, The Damini Project represents every woman, man, and child that has been or may be sexually assaulted, harassed, or victimized in any way. The time has come for all of us to find our inner strength, stand up, and have our voices heard, so that we may change the perceptions behind gender inequality, violence, abuse, and objectification that silently oppress so many of our brothers and sisters in the world.

Here, you will find Self Defense information, Instructor and Event information, and a support network designed to provide you with reality-based, effective tactics and techniques to fend off unwanted attacks, non-violent communication techniques to assist in deescalating potentially dangerous situations, and a path to healing from potentially traumatic events in your history or that of your loved ones. More importantly, we are here to help you find your Inner Strength. We promote Women’s Safety, Equality & Empowerment by teaching Self Defense Seminars based on our ETGS Course.

In Health and Strength, We Stand With You.

Under The Damini Project, We did around 60 Free Workshops Across India in Schools, Colleges, Societies, Corporates to Empower Women, We trained around 8000 girls.

Below Are Few of Our Workshop Pictures & Participant Feedbacks.