Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions and answers can be browsed through below, just click on the question to expand & read the answer. If you don’t see your question here, please call or email us from Contact Page.

1) Can you tell me more about your academy and its background?

Est. in 2008, our academy is affiliated from USA, Philippines and Brazil. It offers world class training in various Martial Art & Fitness systems along with Yoga & Meditation for your complete wellbeing. Our Instructors are highly educated and internationally certified in a wide range of skillset. Our clients are some the most elite Military & Law Enforcement Agencies, Professional Athletes, Corporate Firms & Educational Institutions like Indian Special Forces, Para Military Commando Units, HCL, Samsung, Ernst & Young, Delhi University, Thappar University & Delhi Public School.

2) Where is your academy located and which is the best way to reach it?

In Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. Situated on the main road, it’s very easy to locate. 400 meters away from Metro Yellow Line – Malviya Nagar Station Gate No.1 and 200 meters away from Sri Aurobindo College. You can easily commute via Delhi Metro, Public Bus or your personal vehicle.

3) Do you offer a free trial class, if yes when can I come for it & what should I wear & get along with?

Yes we offer a free trial class, you can come for a trial as per the schedule. Make sure you let us know a day in advance before you plan to. Wear comfortable training attire when you come for a trial class. T-shirt and Track Pants or Shorts works very well, we train bare feet as our academy is completely matted for your safety and to provide you best grip. So any specific shoes are not required. For your personal hygiene you can keep a hand towel and bring a water sipper if necessary.

4) What are the timings of the classes and the fees structure?

Martial Arts Classes are in Morning from 7.30 am to 11.30 am and in Evening from 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm, While Fitness classes are from 6.30 am to 9.30 am in Morning and 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm in Evening. We would suggest you to please check our complete classes schedule chart. We have different fees packages starting from Rs.2400 to Rs.6500, Please call us at 837-7811-837 for more info.

5) Is it safe to learn Martial Arts?

Our academy offer very safe and friendly training environment. Instructors are bends towards your safety and progress, Training is specific to your goal. We have students from age 4 to 60, from kids to old age clients, Male or Female everyone can train with full peace of mind and achieve their goals with utmost safety. Furthermost our Instructors and the entire staff is certified from American Heart Association in First Aid & CPR.

6) Which are the Martial art systems that you teach?

We teach Bruce Lee’s combat philosophy, “Jeet Kune Do” which gives ability to adapt in every possible combat situation and range. Ground fighting & grappling system “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” which is developed by the Gracie Family and proved as a very effective self-defense style and most important system in MMA since UFC 1. Filipino Weaponry system “Kali” which offer training in Edged and Impact weapons like Knife, Sticks and Swords. Jeet Kune Do further has sub systems like Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Savate and Kinamutai.

7) What are the benefits of learning each system, Will it improve my fitness and gives me ability to defend myself?

Martial Art is not only a Physical endeavor, it’s also Mental & Spiritual. Self Defense & Fitness are the physical aspect and overcoming your fears, staying calm and composed under pressure is the mental aspect. Discovering your true self and expressing yourself honestly is the spiritual aspect of Martial Arts.

Along with JKD, Kali & BJJ we incorporate Tai Chi & Qi Gong Meditation to develop your Mind. We have a special system for functional fitness named Action Strength which is part of each class we teach. Learning this unique blend of skills gives you the ability to defend yourself, develop courage & character and gain a very high level of overall fitness and awareness.

8) What is the duration of training?

Duration may vary on lot of factors so it’s very difficult to answer this in months or years. Martial Arts is a life long journey for a Martial Artist, But for people with specific goals like Self Defense, Fitness, Overcoming Stress & Fear, Competing in a specific tournament this can be roughly answered. So it’s very important for an Instructor to understand your goal, According to the past 8 years of experience of our academy we can say that you should at least train for 3 months to experience the change in you. The change starts the moment you enroll yourself for a trial class and start training. The most important & difficult step in the journey is the first one, so just don’t overthink and dive into this special journey of Martial Arts which will change your life forever.

9) Will I get certificate and belt after training?

Yes, every 3 months we conduct a ranking test at the academy. Once you qualify and pass this test, you will be awarded with a certificate of promotion and belt as per the system and international standards.

10) What is the suitable age to start learning Martial arts?

You are never too old or young to start learning Martial Arts. We have 4 year old kids and 60 year old adults training with us at the academy.

11) I am not flexible or strong enough, Can I still learn?

Strength and Flexibility has nothing to do with your ability to learn Martial Arts. The techniques we teach are suitable for everyone regardless their age, height, weight, strength, speed and flexibility. Tough we definitely agree to the fact that strength and flexibly are important attributes as they can enhance your ability to perform technique, so we work on developing them gradually in every class along with other important attributes like speed, power, timings, accuracy, stamina and agility. Also we have special training methods which will make you more efficient and gives you the ability to focus your attribute to exponentially increase your physical performance.

12) Do you have a changing room & wash room with shower facility at the academy?

Yes we have two separate washrooms at the academy, both of them have the shower facility.

13) Do you have Kids Classes also?

Yes we have Kids classes in which we focus on developing focus, discipline and self-defense skills of Kids along with fitness and flexibility. Bully-Proof is the special system which we teach to the kids, this system contains techniques from many different Martial Art styles. It teaches your child to defend him or her in a non-offensive way at school by using body language & verbal clues without hurting the bully. Kid’s classes are very interactive and Instructors always teach valuable life lessons to kids via storytelling and innovative training methods. For more info visit Kids Martial Arts Page – Click Here.

14) I have an injury or illness, Will I be able to learn without any issue?

It’s always recommended to consult your doctor before you start any physical training. We at the academy can ensure you that if you discuss your illness and injury with us & your doctor, we will surely come up with a training regime for you which will promote a safe and healthy learning.

15) Is Uniform necessary for training?

In JKD & Kali classes we wear T-Shirt and Track Pants. But in BJJ classes it’s recommended to wear Uniform. The BJJ Uniform is known as Gi or Kimono, It’s very similar to a Judo uniform. You can start training BJJ in T-shirt and track pants but when you feel like having a uniform, get it. The uniform is a symbol of respect, discipline, culture & tradition, it promotes hygiene also and give you the ability to grab it and train as in most of the cases the attacker will be wearing a t-shirt, shirt or jacket which can be used to manipulate his base & balance, to control him or choke.

16) Is there Parking facility?

We don’t have valet parking, but as the academy is located on the main road so there is ample amount of parking you can find and park your car safely.

17) Do you have air conditioner?

Yes the academy is fully air conditioned.

18) Do you organize tournament or send your students to compete?

We organize local tournament within the academy only for our students so they can get used to the feeling of competing and the mindset required for it. We personally don’t force our students to compete in tournaments. But if a student wants to compete, we offer training and guidance along with the information about various national & international tournaments in which he or she can participate.

19) Do you offer private training?

Yes we do offer private training classes, you can take a private class at the academy or at your preferred location.

20) Do you have Instructor courses?

Yes we have Instructor courses, these courses develop the leadership qualities in a student and make them proficient in teaching others. To enroll for an Instructor course you should be a regular student for at least 6 months at our academy.

21) What is your training method and progression, how often do you conduct ranking tests?

We have set curriculum & syllabus for each system we teach. Once you have met the requirement for a particular belt or rank you are eligible to give the promotion test. Every 3 months we conducts these promotional tests at the academy. You will be awarded with a Belt & Certificate after successfully completing the test.

22) Do you have a Women only class?

Every Thursday we conduct a Women only Self Defense class. On all the other days we have classes in which both men and women train together.

23) Do you conduct Seminar and Workshops at Corporates, Schools or Colleges?

Yes, we conduct Self Defense, Fitness & Meditation seminars in offices, schools and colleges. We already have conducted more than 100 seminars in some of the most elite firms and institutes. For more information please visit these pages, Corporate Workshops || Schools and Colleges Workshops.

24) How many Instructors you have, what are their credentials?

We have a team of 8 Instructors, Each one of them is highly educated and specialized in specific skillset. To read more about our Instructors and their Bio, please visit this link – Instructors Bio.

25) Are there any rules and ethics of the academy?

Yes, Academy is a temple where you learn a lot. To ensure safety and friendly training environment we have certain rules which we request our students to follow. Please click here to go through the rules & safety page.

26) How do you ensure the learning of a newbie in your class along with senior students?

Firstly we pay personal attention to every student at the academy. All the senior students are very helpful and along with the Instructor they make sure that the new student is doing the technique properly while ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

27) Do you have free Wi-Fi at the academy?

Yes we have free Wi-Fi at the academy, but it’s only available in the waiting area or at reception.

28) Do you have locker facility?

No, But we have a dedicated area to keep your bags safely. We also have a special area to keep your mobile phone and car keys safely. For safety we have CCTV at the facility.

29) Which payment method do you accept?

We accept all the popular payment methods. You can choose to pay via online net banking, card swipe method at the academy, by cash or cheque.