ETGS – Escape to Gain Safety

Our Women’s Self Defense Program is specially designed to meet the self-protection needs of women, teenagers, and girls. Adapted and developed from the Navy SEAL system of Rapid Assault Tactics, ETGS self defense private or group training will provide you, your sisters, your girlfriends, and your daughters with the skills and training to be aware, make intelligent decisions, and learn how to disengage from violent encounters in order to escape. This step by step easy-to-learn method will teach you how to inflict instant and debilitating pain in an attacker to buy yourself or loved ones time to escape from an attacker. This is achieved utilizing full contact padded equipment so that the student can hit with full force and escape a simulated self defense crime scenario.


We equip you with the physical skills to protect yourself as well as empower you mentally and spiritually to face your fears and overcome them. The techniques and tactics of Escape to Gain Safety have been tested in battlefield environments. They work, the curriculum is designed specifically to be learned in a short amount of time. Gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities as you learn to protect yourself.

Our workshops are self-protection events that provide you with the tools in dealing with the physical and emotional stress of an escalating confrontation.The moves have been scientifically chosen to work specifically in a real life assault, where there are no rules. As a result there are only a hand full of moves. Each move is unbelievably effective and can be learned and made functionally effective in a few hours.