Character Development Through Martial Arts


Nurturing a young mind at right time with right education helps them create their own bright future that not only involves their own growth but growth at the level of their families & communities. Like ripples start from one focal point in the pond, a ripple of great habits can be helped using the right idea towards kids.

Learning martial arts is a physical endeavor, involving all muscle groups to help develop a student’s physical fitness. But our emphasis goes far beyond just learning physical moves and martial arts techniques, we use martial arts as a mechanism to develop positive character and life-improvement skills in our students. Our emphasis is on the personal-development aspects of martial arts, such as increasing self confidence, improving focus and concentration, developing self discipline, and optimizing physical fitness.

Kids360 consists of 12 Independent Modules integrated together with the help of years of research, experience & expertise of Child Psychologists, Teachers & Professors, Behavioural Experts, Doctors & Nutrition Experts, Martial Arts Masters, Yoga & Fitness Gurus, Ex-Army Officers & most importantly “Children & their Parents”.

With Kids360 we have empowered & educated hundreds of children for over 15 years.

Self-Mastery leads you towards total awareness of your actions & your choices. It helps you to  stay calm under stressful situations & make right decisions.

Self Mastery

Using water to deal with fire & compassion to deal with anger. True warriors defend themselves without hurting the attacker.

Self Defense

When no one is watching you but you are still keeping the integrity and take responsibility for your every action, that is discipline.


Staying true to your words & having an unshakable code of conduct and the integrity of the character reflects the spirit of the warrior.


Learning from every failure & overcoming the fear at each step to continue walking on the path of excellence is the essence of success.


The one who knows themself is calm and the one who knows others is compassionate. Treating every life equally and respectfully leads to happiness from within.


Seeing all sides of a problem, assessing it without getting biased by emotions and set beliefs results in action towards perfection.


Using the skills and the knowledge beyond self for the betterment of the people around you and protecting the mother nature leads to fulfilling life.